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OK, looks like about 10 Nor Cal rigs are signed up for this event.

Let's make a plan for the ride over/down.

We are taking both rigs and leaving Thursday to get there before dark to secure camp. Spert is going to give some gps coords next week for camp from the pre run this weekend, and btw, if anybody wants to pre run he'd love the company.

We are thinking of taking the Northern route over 89, if it is open, and down 395. Looks like about 8 hours so if we figure 10 we MAY be there before dark so it means leave early. 

Anybody able to leave Thursday, let's plan!

We'll make a list and coordinate for Friday departure here as well.

More details to come.

Woo Hoo, spring on the Eastern SIde, let's go!!! 

Wednesday Departure Crowd ???
Munkay from Socal

Thursday Departure Crowd

Friday AM Departure Crowd
CaAnnie & MoabFJ

Friday PM Departure Crowd

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I'll try to remember to throw mine in the truck.
Nevermind. I had time to get in there with my drill and sanding bit. Got my self a nice ground now... SWR shows a 1.5 on channels 1 and 40, and not even a .5 on channel 31. Hope I I'm reading it right!
Good job, as long as you cal'd the SWR before grabbing the reading you should be good to go.
Hey Paul,
Do you know the prefered route?
Hi All. Great time with great friends. See everyone again soon.




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