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Major damage to my FJ at SnT any good Body/suspension shops???

Hello Guys,

As many of you know, I uncured significant damage to my rig at SnT  when I "Lawndarted" on Friday night. I didn't see the crest of the dune and drove straight off the dune at 15-20 MPH...  here's the damage report:

Both fenders bulged in the engine compartment.
The driver's side door will not open due to the fender being pushed into the door.
The passenger Side makes a loud pop noise due to the fender being pushed into the door.
The ARB front bumper is bent and the skid plate was torn off the bumper itself.
Because the rear end landed so hard...the axle is tweaked out like a butterfly /---\.
There are other issues...

State Farm is working with the body shop to come up with an estimate.  I believe that State Farn is going to fully cover this accident...whewww only $500 deductible.

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Real sorry to hear about your rig John. You had some nice work done to it. I'd take the money & start all over after harvesting what I could from the old FJ. However, if I could afford it I would buy it back & turn it into a trail rig only.
I definately would not force them to fix it. I'd strip it and let them total it out. Starting over is pretty fun actually. I'm sure there are things you'd do differently that would suit your needs more.
Hey ... Sorry to hear about your rig. The dunes can be real unforgiving. I've had some costly repairs come out of a weekend at the dunes.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'd take cash and start over.
Wow John, that really sucks. I'm very sorry to hear about your truck. Whichever way it goes, I hope you get what you want out of all this. Who knows, maybe you'll get a chance to do all those mods over again :)

Ok, People check is in hand... going to buy another FJC by the end of the month! I'll be back
fyi, overpriced imo but its in san jose and is your army green
That's a good lookin' truck.

Hope you get exactly what you want, John!
Good to hear. Second time around love her a bit more.
Good news !!!




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