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Major damage to my FJ at SnT any good Body/suspension shops???

Hello Guys,

As many of you know, I uncured significant damage to my rig at SnT  when I "Lawndarted" on Friday night. I didn't see the crest of the dune and drove straight off the dune at 15-20 MPH...  here's the damage report:

Both fenders bulged in the engine compartment.
The driver's side door will not open due to the fender being pushed into the door.
The passenger Side makes a loud pop noise due to the fender being pushed into the door.
The ARB front bumper is bent and the skid plate was torn off the bumper itself.
Because the rear end landed so hard...the axle is tweaked out like a butterfly /---\.
There are other issues...

State Farm is working with the body shop to come up with an estimate.  I believe that State Farn is going to fully cover this accident...whewww only $500 deductible.

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Wow that sucks but at least your covered. Having fun at pismo can sometimes cost, But look like it will only cost you $500.00..
That's tough. Only $500 though...did you have off-road insurance?
That negative camber will come in handy during heavy cornering, enjoy the benefits of increased grip. j/k ;-)

I hope insurance covers it all. Upgrade your rear axle housing if you can.
yeah, get a diamond or currie. $3500 and up.
Glad to hear they are covering this. I am curious as to how much the work will actually cost the insurance company....
Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words. I'll know more tomorrow when the claims adjuster takes a look at the FJ.
Jim's Autobody in Concord is the shop that fixed my FJ after my Lawndart
Wow...that air bag deployment? glad it seems like SF is going to cover it. Let me know if you have any special coverage as i am a state farm customer too.

Hope they get it all fixed quick for you
Hey John,
Check out this place

This is the place I went to multiple times.
It is a family run business and very helpful.
Talk to Terri Gilbert 408-737-8673
sounds like you drove off the cliff just as i did on a quad! only i broke my wrist.... hope you get your fj back up and playing again! probably alot faster then i will
Wow, you are so so lucky. I've been doing the Pismo thing for a few years now and I remember my first unwanted "Launch" into oblivion. It was on my quad, all was good after but I think I threw those shorts away. Glad to hear your o.k. How did your better half handle it ? How much stuff from the back nailed you ? I can only imagine the weightlessness you felt in the free fall. Good luck John,

Ranger Jim"/>




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