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Redirected from FJ forum, and looking for a place for BMC. I went to a few shops, and they want $300 to cut and weld.

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Welcome, Shaffer Offroad of Alameda  Or Boztec of Alameda

or easy do yourself, welding not necessary.

1). Nestor.

2.) Chance at Califabrication.

Mudrak, in Sonoma will do it. When I talked to Gary he said they do a pretty clean BMC to make it look like OEM. My guess is that they weld a cover for the chop.

Welding a cover is not necessary, just do a clean chop and paint black.The plastic cover on the mudflap keeps most water off it and the 10 gauge steel plate is plenty strong enough not to need a welded cap around it. I am sure the chop was not necessary for the tires I installed, but done anyway. I am running KM2's 285/75R16 and not even close to hitting what is not there now.




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