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I realize this is short notice, but this only became available to me recently. We are heading to Long Canyon Trail on Sunday the 2nd, Sept. I posted as event and would hope to attract a few drivers to this fun trip. Meet at In and Out on Forni Road, Placerville at 9:30am and expect to head to the trail before 10am. Looking forward to seeing some friends up there.


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Steve, How was the run? I've been wanting to do that trail since the group used to do clean-ups on it. 

I got lucky this weekend because my union contract gives us a 4 day Labor Day weekend and wife got sick so we could not do as planned ( nothing serious but messed up plans) so I had short notice ability to get up there. Conor , my 16 year old son, drove much of it!

I would love to go up there again before the first bad weather kicks in, may not happen until closer to Thanksgiving because we are on major overtime at work including saturdays, so I am not going up there on my only day off. (sundays) I shall post the next time I can get up there. If you, or anyone wants to post an event up there, I will try to beg off work for a saturday and join you. It is not really a trail you should run by yourself, just in case.( a long hike back to cell phone service!)




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