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the stock ones are pretty flimsy and im lucky to only have scratch mine a few times but i have noticed that when i was sanding and repainting my sliders my mounts were pretty mangled and my arms werent looking to hot either. I'm thinking these might be my next mod

Any recommendations from what people are running? 

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Front or rear? I am assuming rear? Any rate with the rear have them custom made an beefy sent ya a pm of who could do it.

yea the rears, would they be from Boz and shaffer? i might be interested im doing a lot of research and that would be a one stop shop to get it done plus id be supporting a local member!

PM sent

     I am using all Total Chaos arms front and back. I like them, they have a spherical rod end on the body side and a urethane bushing on the axle side. The response is noticeable not having the bushing flex of the OEM.

good luck

is it worth the 600+ that they retail for? im just trying to get the best bang for my buck being a college student 

I run the Total Chaos too. You get a bit more travel than most. Is it worth the extra $$$? Depends on what you want. About any aftermarket rear LCA's are a big improvement over stock.

yea im sure anything is better than stock lol i think the TC are a little out of my price range right now. DX FJC i wish i could replace all of them! sounds like you have a sweet set up hope to see you on a trail this summer

Its noticeable, in the physical beef and in how it rides. The OEM is pretty smooth. I guess it depends how hard you use it. I think front upper and all five rear was about $1700. I would do it, but I'm sure you can round up some stock ones for spares if needed.

Hey Max,

My stock ones were beat to $h!T, replaced them with Toy Outfitters Rear Links.  They're pretty beefy...think I paid $285+shipping.  Here's the link Toy Outfitters

Time for some wheeling!

Those do look very tempting and ive heard good things about them. ive been itching to get out wheeling! gotta fix everything up first tho

I have two spare oem rear LCA's I used to carry around in my rig just in case. If you want them, they are yours free. I live in Galt, Ca, so a little drive for you.

hmm i might take you up its always nice to have some trail spares!




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