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From the latest Petersens 4WDand offload mag edition. They did the FJ bmc . They predict up to 34 inch tire. I think folks here run larger tires, no?


What is the largest tire with no lift? 34inch?  

What about with a 3 inch lift? anyone?

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Hey there, new member here moving over from the blue room.  I ran a BFG A/T KO2 285/70/17 which I believe is just shy of a 33" tire. I ran it just fine - no BMC - with first a 2" spacer lift, and then I upgraded to a coilover lift from Icon. Never had any rub and everything worked great. You might be able to get away with a tire that diameter with no lift and no BMC, but it would be tight.

Just recently I moved up just a bit to the new Cooper Discoverer XLT in 305/70/17, which is a true 34" and about an inch wider. Now I'm getting a bit of rub in certain situations, so a BMC is needed and will give me more than enough room to operate.

Good to know and welcome Levi. I did my own  bmc several years ago, easy to do. Did not require welding any metal in place just cleaned it up and painted it. The factory nub that gets cut off is not welded anyway and the remaining metal is plenty since the actual connection is on the lower plate at the bolt. I put the rubber cover back on too so it looks stock and I can tell my 285/75R16 KM2's have marginally rubbed the front of the rubber cover. 




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