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Anyone running a wired adapter for your iphone 5?  I've got an older FJammer and was looking to add one.


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If you're stilling looking for an adapter, I have one that you can have. just PM your info and I'll send it your way

Hmm, how about the newer iPhones?

On this subject, anyone else have a bluetooth problem with their FJ? Mine will hook up to my Iphone6 and receive calls thru the stereo ... for a while, then it just quits. The "pairing " is a real chore and does not happen like the FJ manual suggests.

I "pair" my phone every 2 months and then it just forgets its paired and becomes unpaired. Any ideas? Thanks.

Might have something to do with the settings of the phone. Either that or you may need to coordinate with Apple about this.




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