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Hey NorCal...the network host is working on the messaging center, so you may notice some interruption in reading your new messages. This issue should be resolved soon. Thank you for your patience.

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Just a heads up it looks like Ning has fixed the issue.
Thanks for the heads up
It doesnt work for me...I still cant access my inbox.
fyi, the Inbox functionality is temporarily down, but should be up within the hour. we'll keep you posted if the downtime extends beyond 3:00 PM. sorry for the inconvenience.

I can't respond to messages in my Inbox.  Any relation?  I can get the Reply box, and type in a message, but when I hit Send...nada. 



seems to be working fine now. please try to respond to the email I sent to you when you have a moment. thanks!

Just tried, same thing.  Maybe it is a setting on my IE.....?   Odd.   I'll play with it more tonight. 


Maybe your IE is version 9. I had that problem too at my home laptop,
I can access the site on my iPad, so installed the Safari browser on the laptop just for the Norcal FJs site and it works.
Yeah, it is IE 9......  If that is it, this is the only forum or site I've had a problem.  Hmmmm.....  I just tried to create a new message and send it, and it wouldn't let me do that either.

our network provider isn't supporting IE9 just right yet. apparently, it is still buggy and they are waiting until things become more stable before rectifying this issue. apologies for the inconvenience.


in the meantime, there is a workaround, albeit a bit cumbersome:


From jQueryHelp:

"Here is a solution for members having problems with Ning sites when using IE9.

It's not the best solution but it is a way around the problems until Ning supports IE9.

First, if you have typed in a message to someone and you don't want to lose it, copy it from the textbox and paste it somewhere, like in a TXT file.

Then, press F12 then click "Browser Mode: IE9"on the very top line of the screen that comes up.Select Internet Explorer 8 from the drop down menu. Now the Ning site will render in IE8 and if you paste back your message, there should not be any problems sending it."


Yeah, that seems to work.  I just sent a message reply to you.


great!...glad the workaround helped. the issue should be temporary and i will monitor any news regarding full IE9 support.


thanks for bringing this issue to our attention!




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