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So I signed up here a while ago but have mostly stuck to the blue room 'cuase i can't get the organization (navigation) of this site :(


I'd like to be on here more often since is more of a local board but; How do you guys:


1 find new content

2 manage your won content, posts, PMs, etc (User control panel) 

3 mark the board as read (I always like doing this on a new board so I can start off knowing whats new)



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I should need to add music to it just to move it should I?



Actually I know I don't cause I just tested it and was able to move the sections on my work PC (windows XP, IE 8). On my home machine this doesn't work though (windows 7 IE 9 x64)  Are there any known software issues with IE9?

yes, this network has not been optimized for IE9 as of yet due to reported bugs. my assumption is that they are either waiting until the bugs are worked out and a more stable version is released or they are working on integration.

This is funny as I have the exact opposite problem. I took to this forum right away and have problems navigating many of the others.


BTW, welcome to the site. Stick around there are soome good people here.

Regarding the "Forum" section on the main page.  Is it configured to show only the most recent 10 threads?

on the main page, yes.

I am assuming the term "Discussion" here  is equal to "Thread" on other forums.   And that "Comment is equal to "Post".   Is that correct?


Also is there a way I can set a preferance to display the most recent posts in Discussions first?  Or have the forum automatically bring you to the last post in a thread you viewed?  i.e. With this thread the most recent info we are adding is on page 2.  If I could set it to "most recent first" then I would always have the newset comment (post) at the top of the first page.

yes, Discussion = Thread and Category = Forum.


the postings do not appear in reverse order only because of the way replies are displayed. they do appear most recent first on non-threaded discussions such as those that appear in Events.

Drink beer and it will all make sense.  




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