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I have been wanting to go up to the High Lakes (out of Chico/Paradise ). Anyone up for that soon? I am not working right now, so can do mid-week, but I know a lot of others can't do that. As far as weekends goes, either 8/29-30 or the weekend after labor day might be good (9/12-13). What is good for you?

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I wouldn't mind exploring that area. Maybe even this week (Tues - Thurs.?)

txt: 510-432-6490

Actually, I'm waiting for replies back from Friday about possible contracts, so I'm not sure now if I can head out this week mid-week. I will know more by tomorrow night. I also have to contact my brother who lives in Paradise and see if he wants to go and when he can go. I still might be able to go Tuesday, but won't know until sometime tomorrow.

I might head up anyway. Text me if you want, I won't have internet.

Let us know where you end up camping. Unfortunately, I have to stay around here for the next 2 days.

If you go set N40 1.886, W121 31.588 as an entrance to the area.

Fairly slow 4x4 road, nice area. Last gas is Magalia.

Did you camp, and by which lake?

no  I camped next to the West Feather on the way back.

I just had an interview this morning, so I am heading up tomorrow morning. I told my brother I would be at his house in Paradise before noon. Post here if you are interested in going up tomorrow (Fri) with us and we can work out a good meeting place, either in the Sacramento, Chico, or Paradise areas. If you want to come up Saturday, I might be reached on 146.460 2m ham radio. Or you can just drive around looking for a white FJ...we will probably camp by Long Lake, but that may change if I see something else nice.

My brothers pickup (ford full size on 31s and open diffs) could not make it past the main obstacle on the way in, so we ended up staying at Spring Valley Lake. We probably could have stacked rocks to get him up the big rocks, but then there is a ledge with big rocks on both sides and we feared his truck did not have enough clearance to go down without possibly wedging between the rocks. My FJC easily made it up the rocks, where I parked and tried to spot my brother up the rocks. He just couldn't take the easy line, because he couldn't turn sharp enough to make the direction change in the middle. The last time my brother had been in there was 15 years ago in his 1991 Toyota Pickup on 31s without a lift, no traction control, and no lockers, but it is a bit more difficult now.

On the way in, we met some guys trying to fix their rig which had broken the day before.

Coming back down the rocks.

Camping at the lake.

Nice pics, looks like a great wheeling location.


Sorry Scott. I never got your post of Sept. 10th.  No idea why. Glad you had a good trip and did right by the FJ.




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