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Just installed my Boztec CB mount, Firestick & Midland CB.


FYI Never used SWR meter, I may need help/advice/walkthru in tuning.

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I also need to tune my CB antenna....maybe we can get some help on Saturday... I know Cowboy has a SWR meter.  Not sure if he's going to make it out.
I'll be there and bring my SWR meter. I still need to tune mine as well.

Hey there Yea i can help you guys out with the tuning.

its pretty easy if you have a good solid ground.  Make sure you have a good grounding source.

IF you get feedback from like say when you hit the brakes or the wipers then you haven't got a good ground.

Thanks Cha and Andrew...I'll take you up on your offers.
Make sure you have a good ground, you will need to scrape a bit of paint and cover it with some grease to keep it from oxidizing.  Someone recommended noalox for Home depot for the grease.
I have one and I will try to remember to bring it. In fact I will go throw it in the truck after I write this..




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