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HELP Suspension Lift installed dash is now lite up.

I had my FJ lifted the other day and now my VSC trac and VSC trac off are on

What i had installed were

total chaos 2inch long travel kit --->

Metal Tech Long travel kit for rear Springs block etc..

Spidertrax wheel spacers 1.25

Can anyone help me with this please?

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You might have damaged one of the wheel speed sensors during the install.  Try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes to clear the code and see if it comes back.

I heard it was an hour when I cleaned my MAF. True?

I have the Toyota software so if it does come back and you want to make a trip to Concord, I could check the code for you and see what the issue is.

Ill take you up on that offer

I had a Shop Install it. They told me since i lifted it i would have to have it reprogrammed.. :(

The shop messed up something, may be as simple as a loose wire connection.

If the lift is done properly no lights will come on. WAJ, I have to wonder why the shop that did the install would not reprogram it as they said it needs. I hate liars, lots of shops out there that will blow a bunch of smoke up your a$$.

Hey, I have the same problem is that offer open to anyone? Thanks

It shouldn't need to be reprogrammed.  As stated earlier, Just disconnect the battery for a minute. 

I Disconnected the Battery Once again this time for 10 Min and so far the lights have stayed off  Hoping it stays off

Thank You to Everyone that Replied  Thus far the Lights have not turned on.. Ill keep my fingers crossed 

Cool, sounds like you got it.


I've noticed that Toyota sensors/ecu (at least in my experience) are really sensative to the battery connection.  It could just have been that, if they did disconnect one of the wheel speed sensors to install the lift (which is common) but didn't disconnect the battery, when the sensor was pluged back in, the ecu had noticed and threw the code.  I've noticed this behavior when I unplugged other sensors with the truck off and not having disconnected the battery first.


Like everyone said there shouldn't be anything that needs to be reprogrammed and that's not even possible with Toyota's software unless you have a full subscription to their network or are a dealer.  All the other software features work though like the diagnostic tests, checking error codes, programming the TPMS and any of the "Customizable" settings mentioned in the owners manual.   So if there is something you'd like to check or change, let me know.

The code will still be in memory if your curious to see what it was. It doesn't see a current problem now so that's why the light is out. It was probably a plug left loose, then turned on, then recognized a problem, then corrected, then it needed a few miles to run a drive cycle to turn it off. OBD II will hold codes in memory even though they are not active.

It should stay out now




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