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So a long long time ago I thought it was a good idea to play in the mud, long story short I H8MUD and now in desperately needing 2 catalytic converters.  Just to borrow so I can pass my smog.  My old ones that I had was so clogged up with MUD, that I had to cut it off and put in str8 tubes for now.  SO PLEASE PLEASE if anyone of you guys have one laying around message me or give me a text #408-386-7783.  I live in ELK GROVE but willing to pick it up anyhwere.

Thanks in advance,


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Clogged with mud? Pretty sure that's impossible and I think all of the catalytic converters are welded to the exhaust manifolds
Yea I hoped that wasn't the case. I tried everything to fix it. Until my acceleration gotten weaker like my muffler was clogged. So I took the O2 sensor out and gave it a text drive. Man what a big difference. FJs had 4 cats and the 2 closer to the muffler pipes not the engine was clogged. Had it cut and put on str8 pipes for temporary fix.
Edit: good luck...

seems like the ones sold from rockauto are not CA legal, which wouldn't help his smog situation. Dealership?

No longer a  dealership requirement. OBDII laws brought in over 10years ago allowed any regular mechanic shop the ability to legally buy and install Ca cats. the cost came down from over 1K at the dealers to around $500 at any local mechanics shop. I remember I got lucky when I had to change one out on my S10 Blazer in 2009. was going to be $1k at a dealer but my mechanic replaced it for $500. And it was needed to pass Ca smog, which it did.

I don't know if the item is something an individual can buy, I would bet it has to be installed by a licensed mechanic, but not necessarily a dealer, thank goodness. But who would know who installed it?


That's exactly what I was going to do and buy it myself. But, CA law no shop will ship cats to CA residents. By the way Steve what and where did you get your cats done. Maybe I can give them a call and find out myself. Also thats the only reason why I'm asking if I can borrow someone's cats for smog purpose. Sigh...I Hate Mud

Overstreet Auto repair in Sacramento but any shop can do this work no longer a dealer only repair. Try a local muffler shop

This pagehas some good information on what is California Law when it comes to catalytic converters.

Wow, I'm still finding it hard to believe mud made it all the way up to the cat. 

If the car drove better after unplugging the O2 sensor, it sounds to me that there is something else that is causing the issue. 

Try smog shop on fruit ridge and 6th since you're from South Sac




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