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Looking at either bud built, RCI or ARB skids for latest addition. Anyone have anything to say to make the choice easier? 

Congratulations to John with the Rig of the Month on the Blue Room, excellent right-up, great pics bro. Nice of you to give a shout out to Nestor, he is the best.

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I have ricochet under most of my truck and have been very happy with them over the years. I did pick up an RCI to upgrade the engine skid and I am very pleased with the fit and finish and would probably buy their whole set if I needed skids. If you are in tough rocks go for the Buds. The ARB from what I heard aren't as thick/protective so I would recommend RCI to you. 

nice ,thanks. I am not in rough terrain so I don't think I really need 200 lbs hanging underneath me. I do think they are quality parts. For how I drive off road I think I can get by with 1/8 inch ( 10 ga ) from ARB and that price is a good position. I can add fuel tank skid if necessary or bulk up if I need to later if those do not suffice.  I would hate to spend $1500 ( inc shipping) on something I dont need. I thought the same thing at first about my ARB front bar and winch but I used them 3  times in self-rescues !!! 

If you are going with steel skids then Budbuilt is probably the way to go. RCI skids in aluminum is what I have and I love them. There is a picture of them installed on Nestor's Instagram page 8 boxes down (left to right). You probably don't need the gas tank skid, from what i've heard the OEM one can take a pretty good licking. I think the main ones to get are the front bash plate/engine, transmission, and transfer case skids. Then maybe a rear diff skid, and lastly a fuel tank skid if you even want one. Don't know much about the ARB ones, so I will not comment on those. 

I hear there is a removable door available on the Bud built and Ricochet skids that make it easier to change your fluids, there are cutouts holes in the RCI skids, but they seem a bit small and I still remove my skids when changing the fluids.

If you do end up deciding to go with RCI they often have sales or group buys so keep you eyes peeled.

Thanks for that. I suspected the cut-outs would be small. I think I would take them into work and hole-saw larger openings especially for my cartridge filter, and add flush covers with flat-head screws. Already have a Boztec diff skid and Ricochet lower a arm skids. RCI dont offer an ARB front bullbar match-up so I would have to make that at work, otherwise the RCI seem pretty good. I am a long way from BudBuilts plant and so shipping is a rip-off for those.( 33% more for shipping!!!!) 

Thanks for the input.

Any reason you are not looking at Ricochet? It sounds like you already got their a arm skids. I believe they have a bumper filler to match your ARB bull bar also.

They don't have a skid to fit a diff drop.




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