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This may be a dumb question, but I just built my own go-kart and it has a 212CC 6.5HP Harbor Freight engine. I don't have a large backyard so I was wondering if it was legal to ride this at Hollister Hills. I read something about a green sticker? I've been to the 4x4 section of the park with my FJ, but never been to the other side. I've included some pictures for reference. These pictures were taken before I connected the roller chain. I plan to ride only in the flat, green section. Thanks all!

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I like it already, its in my FJ colors ! :>)


Hahah, thanks, I like the color, too. I used "Heritage Red".

I would recommend calling the park and asking them. 

Definitely cannot on the 4X4 side (Upper Ranch). Quads aren't even allowed there. Not sure about the dirtbike area (Lower Ranch).

Maybe in the #5 camp area?  As far as on the trails, (not knowing the rules) I would guess no.

Thanks, all. My best bet is just calling them, like opg4759 had suggested.




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