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After a long debate with myself these past months, I have decided to keep my silver trim and sell off my extra set that I was going to black out. A friend of mine sold me these at the great price of $250 so I am happy to pass that along to someone on the forum. The only piece that is missing is the rear bumper valence. The drivers side rear bumper wing has a dent in it. Might be able to pop it out, might not... haven't tried yet.


Door handles


4 bumper wings

Front bumper valence



A few tabs are busted up a bit on a couple wings but it doesnt look to be a big deal as far as I can see. If I have a bit of interest on this stuff I will post up pics showing the details



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I just need the front grill bezel.  Will you sell that alone or are you selling as a lot?

Id rather not at this point... but make me an offer? Maybe if nobody will buy it all I will part it out.





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