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Well I'm a little over 100k miles on the truck, and it appears as though I need new Tie Rod Ends, a wheel bearing front driver side, and replacement bushings for my LR UCAs. Does anyone know how to replace all of these things and would maybe be willing to help a fellow NorCal member out? I'm in the East Bay, any and all help will be appreciated! I just don't want to get destroyed by going to the dealership, I am still looking into some shops to do it but am short on cash. Plus I need to start saving up for new tires. 



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Did you get an evaluation from an alignment shop or are you guessing that you need these parts?

If you need ball joints and tie rod ends don't wait, Get it done at a reliable alignment shop ( forget the dealer, they outsource your vehicle to a good local alignment shop anyway and tack on a little extra for themselves.)

These parts, when they fail, will cause a wheel to come off, not a pretty picture especially at 65 on the highway.

If you have a real diagnosis, get it fixed tomorrow, don't wait.

Check out Car and their Mechanix Files section for recommended local mechanics.

Good Luck,


Do you have aftermarket UCAs or they stock?

Do you have any up close pictures of how bad they are?

I was told all of this by a local firestone that I have been going to for years. I've had their lifetime alignments and they usually give me the check up for free since I've been going there so long. I asked if they could do the repairs but they said they couldn't because the FJ is lifted with some aftermarket accessories. So I am just trying to source all the parts and get it done under one roof. Chance I have Light Racing Upper Control Arms and I ordered the bushing kit from toytec and am waiting for those to get in the mail. What brand of items would you guys recommend for the tie rod and wheel bearing? I'm looking into the Rock Auto site as the stuff they carry has worked for me in the past. I'm looking into Moog and Deeza tie rods, based on info found at the blue room, and i have no idea about the wheel bearing. 

Any and all help is appreciated!

Blue pit seems like the way to go for bearings for toyotas. $279 for a pretty much all oem hub wheel bearing assembly. Install is pretty straight forward with the full assembly and way cheaper than getting the parts from the dealer.

For the tie rods, use OEM ones.




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