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So the main question is has anyone ran after market cam bolts from companies like SPC or Moog? If so what are your thoughts on them?
They're significantly less then OEM parts from Toyota by like $200-300! With a part like that though I feel like it's important to make sure it's of good quality and it's gonna hold up to the beating of normal road use and trail runs without me worrying about my front end falling apart.

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Defo quality is the top priority with suspension parts. I am about to replace my rear upper and lower control arms with Metal Tech arms soon based on quality metal and oversized parts and a good history on the trails.

I have no info on the parts you mention, I still have stock. Maybe Nestor could help? Or CaliFab.

I ended up talking to my brother in law who is an actual Toyota mechanic. He was saying that since it's only hardware it shouldn't be a problem where as replacing something that moves or electronic I should really consider OEM

Interestingly, I would bet that more than 80% of the members here, or on I8mud or the Blue Room, have aftermarket suspension systems that may not show much difference to the Toyota/Bilstein units in an on-road situation but become a night and day difference off-road.

So the phrase; "replacing something that moves" with something non-Toyota is pretty much not correct. I think the suspension upgrade is widely popular with FJ owners and that makes a ton of sense.

My Walker-Evans suspension is so far and away better than the Bilstein set-up in off-road situations. But kudos to Toyota for at least using a decent Bilstein set-up in the OEM vehicle. They could have done a lot worse.

I think he meant more of mechanical parts such as alternators pulleys and such. For those aftermarket OEM style parts I've just read some bad reviews compared to a lot of aftermarket performance stuff. I ended up picking up a SPC camber bolt kit. There just looks to be less material used to build the kit and it's what my main concern was

//I think he meant more of mechanical parts such as alternators pulleys//

When you get that whine under the hood it is probably an open bearing pulley made by Toyota. Sealed pulleys are available at RockAuto.




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