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I am cleaning out the garage and my wife says I need to thin my tire collection.  I have 4 procomp MTs (33" r17) available for FREE.  These are well used.  1 is nearly bald, one has 10% and 2 have 15-20%.  Would be good as a full size spares.  For a couple beers I can help get them to you if you are a reasonable distance from Stockton.  I need these gone by July.  Take one or all, doesn't matter.  Let me know if you are interested, otherwise they are headed to the recyclers.

























 I also have a stock skid plate, FREE.  Has some rock rash but no major damage.  This too is headed to the recyclers if no one needs it.














Unrelated to the FJ, I am selling a cherry wood executive desk as well.  Will be posting on CL for $400, will sell here for $200 delivered.  PM me if interested in seeing some pics.






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I'm interested in 1 of the tire that has some tread left as a spare. I have the exact same set of 4 on my FJ. I will be in Modesto first week of July. Let me know if you can save one for me. Thanks


Great!  I will save one for you. 

Great. I will most likely be there July 2-6th. I will let you know next week. Please try to save me one of the 15-20% tread ones. Thanks again.

I'd be interested in 1 tire for a spare. Not sure when I will be in Stockton, but might have a friend that can pick it up. Anyone coming closer to the South Bay that's picking one up?

Hey SCR, sorry to not get back to you right away.  My local tire shop took the tires in trade for some labor so they are no longer available. 

Will you be available this Friday the 5th? Can you Pm me your number again? Thanks

Thanks for looking, all has been spoken for.




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