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Got my ICON suspension installed so giving away my stock stuff.  

Front shocks - 5,000 miles on them

Rear springs - 20,000 mi

Rear shocks - 20,000 mi

Bilstein 5100 adjustables with stock springs on 3rd notch - 15,000 mi

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Where are you located I would love to upgrade mine?
Can meet you tonight or tomorrow if you still have.

Hey SMJ2010, have 1 person ahead of you.  I'm in Burlingame.

Ill take the bilstien 5100 front adjustables from you let me know. They have to be better then my stocks

Coilovers, rear springs and shocks are spoken for.  Front stock shocks (pic 1) are still available.

Can I meet you tomorrow to pick up.

You have PM.

Just gave away the front shocks so all gone, nothing left.




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