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Selling a Baja Fj Cruiser light bar designed to work with the factory roof rack. Bar simply clamps to the from of the rack. Included are 4 KC daylighter 100watt lights. Everything works great Just recently upgraded to LED. Asking $125 for everything. 

Also have 5 Fuel Boost rims in 17x8. Rims are in great condition. No scratches or bends. Asking $200 for the set. Rims will include center caps just forgot to bring them along. If interested best to contact me direct. (925) 334-2315 

Thanks for looking guys. 


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Edit... sorry asking $500 for all 5 rims. Thaks for looking.


I don't know if its my pc or what, but only a small corner with an orange zip tie showed up in the picture.  What does the actual lightbar look like?

Yup thats what i see too!
Ya looks like I loaded the wrong pics. I'll be home in about an hour and I'll 're snap some pics.

Hi Brandon, how much wind noise did the lights and bar add?

Hi Sean. It really wasn't bad. Noting I couldn't live with. No high pitch whistle or anything like that.

I'm still seeing the same pictures as first posted.  Where you going to post an actual picture of the lightbar?

Sorry for the delay  Just added new pics of the lightbar





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