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For Sale CUSTOM Roof Rack Basket with stock roof rack and mounting hardware

I am selling my custom made roof rack for my FJ Cruiser. It will fit all years, 2007 through 2014 and it comes with the factory rack and all mounting hardware. The rack is pictured on my FJ Cruiser with my jack and other FourTrek mounts which are not included. The sale is for the stock roof rack, mounting hardware, the custom basket and the two removable crossbars.

This rack is very strong and has no rust. You can stand and walk on the roof rack and it holds anything you would put on the roof (within reason). $700 Sacramento

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I forgot to mention that it's for sale in Sacramento and available for local pickup only.

Wow, it's early and haven't had my coffee yet.  It's for sale for $700

I posted pics on the full website but I can't see them using my iPhone. Send me your email or cell and I can send them directly to you.

The pics are in your first post. That looks nice, you should have no problem selling those.

Hey Steve, It's my old insert basket.  I had it custom made by WAAG racks.  They since went out of business. It's a high quality insert,    Well worth the $700 he's got it up for

Yeah, thanks guys.  It's really nice.  Nothing wrong with it.  I just outgrew it.  Kids have gotten bigger and I'm bringing more and more each trip.  I had to break down and buy a full size roof rack for the extra space.  This did serve me well though.  I did add the crossbars to it for my ski rack though!

Excluding the crossbars, how much higher than the factory rack does this basket sit? Thx.

I can get an exact measurement when I get home later today but it's probably in the ballpark of one inch or less. It's almost flush without the crossbars.
It sits one inch above the stock roof rack.

your original post said //// The sale is for the stock roof rack, mounting hardware, the custom basket and the two removable crossbars.//// How about a price without the stock roof rack, which I have and without the crossbars?

I would only require the basket and its mounting hardware to fit a stock rack, thanks.

I'm really just giving the stock rack away. The basket is $700. If no one wants the stock rack I'll probably just scrap it.




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