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FJ took some damage to front passenger side, need some help

So long story short, I hit a curb while turning at about 10 mph and it messed up my rig pretty bad. The tire is sitting at about a 20 degree angle, the top of the tire rubbing against my UCA. Here are some pics of the damage.

I am guessing my spindle/knuckle is bent? How does my axles and tie rod look?

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Its the spindle knuckle looks fine may have damage to the wheel bearing

You don't think the spindle is bent? I am going to take the hub bearing out tomorrow and see if its damaged

spindle is bent but the ball joint looks fine 

bearings may look fine but check for flat spots

also take a look at the upper control arm!

UCA ball joint or wheel bearing would be my guess if you don't seen anything bent.  Let us know what you find.  Easy on the long pedal.

Okay got everything off.

The top of the spindle definitely looks bent.

Also, how do you tell if the ball joint is bad? This is a light racing one.


Ball joint *looks* good. I would go by feel. Since it is aftermarket and removable I can't really tell.

UCA is fine ball joint looks fine but your spindle is bent for sure 

i reconmend when you get a new spindle get weld on gussets so to help prevent the bending in future. you are going to have to get a new boot for the ball joint. 

Yeah I plan on welding on gussets on the replacement spindle. I already have a new boot, do you know what kinda grease is used in these ball joints?

lithium grease like amsoil or something 




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