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2007 - 09 FJ Cruiser front ICON extended travel CO's with Res. and CDCV, Rear MetalTech Rear Long Travel Setup for Sale and Other Aftermarket Parts

Hello Fellow FJer's,

I am selling my front extended CO's with Res. and CDCV and Rear MetalTech LT suspension setup. The suspension setup for sale are below, the prices are firm.

My Method Race Wheels x5 mounted on BFG KO 2 All Terrains tires x5 are also for sale.

The Wheels are strong and very light and Tires are practically brand new. 

If you have any questions please let me know. I can send pic's if requested.

Note: You will need to purchase the rear bump stop spacers from MetalTech, link is below.

MetalTech Bump Stop Spacers:

To utilize the MT LT I recommend that you already have a custom rear LCA.

I have my custom LCA’s for sale also, but you will need to rebuild it. I would recommend you purchase a new rear links.

Aftermarket parts for sale.

Method Race Wheels 101 x 5 BFG KO 2's x 5:

My Method Race Wheels x5 are mounted on BFG KO 2 All Terrains tires x5.

The wheels are still strong and light, the tires are practically brand new.

Method Race Wheels 101 x 5 BFG KO 2's x 5:

(Please check measurement on your rigs.)

Wheels 16x8x5.5: $680

6x5.5 (6x139.7 metric) bolt pattern
15mm offset or 4.84" backspace

BFG All-Terrain T/A KO2's 315x75xR16  x 5: $900

Front ICON vehicle dynamics extended CO’s, ICON rear long Travel shocks w/ 11" of traval and MetalTech rear long travel coil springs setup:

Used 2007 - 2009 FJ Cruiser Extended Travel Remote Reservoir with CDCV kit



The CO’s have just recently been fully rebuilt, other than the coil spring collars.

ICON Vehicle Dynamics rear shocks with reservoir and CDCV - 11” of travel



This shock are brand new never been installed, I opened the box to check the shocks for any shipping damages which there are no damages on the shocks.

Used rear MT LT Coil Springs - Rating is heavy - it will give 3.5” of rear lift.

The ride is very nice  and smooth not stiff.



The coils springs have been on the FJ for 2.5 years and used off road twice the FJ is driven on weekends only. As I work in the city I don’t need to drive.

If you want to buy the whole suspension kit just total the price for parts above, Shipping not included.

Other for sale aftermarket suspension parts.

RadFlo rear shocks with remote reservoir - 11” of travel:

The shocks have been on the FJ for 2.5 years and used off road twice the FJ is driven on weekends only. Since I work and leave in the city I do not need to drive.

$650 as is

Used ICON Vehicle Dynamics adjustable rear track bar:

Custom rear lower links:

The links utilizes 4 Summit Machine Flex joints. Links need to be rebuilt.

$140 as is

Used All-Pro rear coil springs:

I also have 2.5” lift from All-Pro




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