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Just saw this on craigslist:

FJ being parted out in Sacramento. Seems pretty surprising, the photo shows no obvious damage. Wonder what the story behind it is? Can't be many that have come to an end yet other than accident damage.

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Hmmmm.... I could use the doors for making half doors.......

Was thinking the saaaaame thing.

Wonder if there's still cup holder inserts in there?... Haha

Hmm. I wonder if it still has a sway bar . . .

call him..

looking closely thru the windshield, both of the pass side doors are gone...

iam waiting for a reply but a new driver door would be nice for me

Looks like the engine compartment is pretty empty. I'd guess complete engine failure or flooding.

I just got off the phone with Eric over there the driver doors are still there, give him a call parts are being pulled off about as fast as fast can be

Wants 500 for the shell of the driver door hmmm....




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