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Hey Guys, starting to get that fever and was just wondering what some of your first mods to your FJ were?  Lets see some pics!

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Your question was the poll on the home page a while back, don't know where where to find the results now. My first mod was a GPS. Then after getting a good look at sliders at an install day, I ordered some from Demello.

Most recent photo, 8/7/10

Protection was my first buy, a set of Demello hybrid sliders. Next was 33" tires and a lift.

Your trail teams has sliders so you may want to think about lift.
Mine was rock rails and bud builts......of course with all that weight i was looking more like a "Mini" then an "FJ" :-)...lift was right after that.
Well my first mods were cosmetic, black door handles and painted the grill surround white. As for usful mods.....just before AllCal I put on a set of Trail_Gear Sliders, and a friend has offered me a set of Allied wheels and used tires that I am supposed to pick up anyday. There are so many choices! Next is a boz-tec antenna mount and cb, then want to put the funds together for an Icon stage one lift, and Bud Built skids.

Like PBn'FJ, my first mod was protection. I put sliders and a front bumper on (and a roof light bar). Then I did suspension and then tires. Now I'm looking into engine stuff (air filter, chip, etc).
Sliders. Good thing too, since had to use them on a few boulders 1st time out. But also noted the need for a lift & taller tires. New lift waiting in boxes in garage for me to have time to install (or at least try to install), and then tires & wheels. Armor's next as soon as I figure what to get. Did install CB & MPAC.
Fuzzy dize! ha ha! nah. Actually, i believe my Piaa 520's were my first mod. But i believe you already have the factory hella lights no? Then it was a lift, rims and tires for me.
My first Mod was the Gobi Ranger roof rack. I broke the factory one loading stuff at IKEA. Luckily my wife was with me when it snapped on the freeway, so it was easy to justify the cost of the stoutest rack out there.

Here is my favorite use for it...

The next series of MODS were a lift, some tires, and a lot of mud...

Mine came with the lift and tires from the dealer, (They were targeting the younger crowd), but my first mod was a lightbar and 4 KC's. After that I caught the mod bug as you can see.
In order:
Trail Gear sliders
Trail Gear T-case skid
ARB front bumper
OME lift
33" tires
1. tore off the stock bling plate on deer valley
2. icon stage one (ordered the monday after the deer valley run)
3. added the UCAs to make it stage 2
4. budbuilts and trail gear sliders
5. Demello bumper




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