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A long while back when the FJ Cruiser concept was introduced I was as geeked out as I'm sure many of you were. I remember looking at the forums and reading about people that were watching them as they first came in to the port in the Pacific Northwest. Sadly, when the production model eventually arrived, there was no way I could afford one. I settled for test rides at the auto show and crawling around them at the dealership. Eventually, the fascination wore off as I worked my way through college and started a new career.

Fast forward about a decade... and after a deal on a new 4Runner fell through, I was walking through the parking lot at work and there sat my long lost white whale. Only now, it was not so out of reach. I snapped up the 2012 Quicksand with ~54k on the odometer and said to myself that if I actually liked it as much as I thought I might, I would consider getting a newer one with fewer miles. Of course the clock is ticking on the unicorns out there, but several months after finally buying an FJ Cruiser, I now had two.

I have since sold the 2012 and am still loving my 2014 TTUE. I am interested in hitting the trails but will need to stay stock for a while yet. Hopefully I'll get a chance to get out there with some of you soon!

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Hey hows it going.  Hope you plan on making it Saturday.  I plan on heading up to Auburn around 6:45 or so, to have breakfast at a place called Edelweiss 2.  Every first Saturday of the month they have a prime rib breakfast, so I want to hit that before heading out.  If your interested in having breakfast before heading out, give me a call Friday.  I'm off work usually at 2pm, and plan on doing an oil change.  Might be easiest if we meet up at the barbershop. and head up from there.  Still haven't been able to find you on Facebook.

I'm eager to go, but having never really been before, I may want to take this first one as a copilot... if that is agreeable. I'll text you to see what you are up for. Breakfast sounds great btw...

I have a Facebook account that I haven't really used in a long time. I did check out the NorCal FJ's Public Facebook group page... a bit more activity there than here on the forum.

Yeah I think most people have moved over to the FB page, and don't use this one as much.  Your totally welcome to ride along on Saturday if you want.  My neighbor is supposed to be coming with me.  I left him behind on the last trip due to some miscommunication, so I can't flake on him now.  I didn't get a chance to look on youtube to see if there was much info on Signal Peak.  I can understand you wanting to check it out first.  I think the worst part of it, other than maybe the first mile is the branches.  I still have a few scratches from last trip that I need to get some rubbing compound for. 

Happy to take a backseat... don't spend too much time back there myself, so it will be novel. Plus, I'm sure there is plenty of getting out and walking around.

Opinions differ on Signal Peak... what I could find leans to it being on the more difficult side, but I believe there are different routes one can take. Either way, I think my first run behind the wheel might be Prairie City, just to get accustom to driving off pavement. 

I'll tell you though, perusing the forums has me eager to start down the road of modding this thing.

Cool Story, Welcome

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Welcome aboard. There is plenty to do in a factory ride as they are very capable machines. Just keep your eyes open and you'll see a few trail rides every now and then.

Glad to hear that... I want to at least pay this thing off before dumping big dollars on mods. I'd expect the TTUE to be ever so slightly more capable than a base model after all.

My main thing is getting some experience before going whole hog on some trail where the scars I take away are because I wasn't ready for how tough it was.

I think I may need to dust off my FB account though if I want to really interact with the group... seems like that is where I'm going to find out about those trail rides.




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