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Has anyone ever had this issue where your fender starts to crack? I guess people with 2007-2009 FJ had this problem..It would crack even from not off roading..I have 2014 and I was wondering if I should be worried or have they fixed this problem on the newer models?

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Mine nearly torn clean though, welcome to the club

Mine were cracked and I had them welded up... I bought mine second hand and had obviously been used as a pre runner. during that time it had a big front end land at one time that even moved the radiator support enough that the hood closure does not hold the hod tight... I added rubber latches just so I did not have to watch the hood move up and down while driving... 

I've also had to have the front bumper mounts re-welded-as per noted previously the after market bumpers especially with a winch are quite heavy.... We also spaced out the front bumper to give it more clearance from the AC tubing ad aux cooler for the TRD supercharger. 

My truck was a great deal but it has taken a great deal of work to get it back to 100%... No matter what I love my FJ! 




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