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So I would like to be able to carry jerry cans on my roof rack. It's stock and if don't want to change that. Lol. My question is what's the best way to keep them up there? There are a lot of options for baja and other after market racks, But not any I've seen for a stock rack..

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Baja Rack makes a drop in:

So does Warrior:

Or just strap them down with bungie cords and ratchets and hope for the best!

I built my own.  Completely portable, 12gal, cost less than $200

I have the Roto Pax system. but i also have a baja rack... but i think there are spots where you can mount it to your stock one as well.

It's pretty easy to mount rotopax  on the stock roof and crossbars racking using the rotopax universal mounts.


I have a couple of these:

They are low profile and strap down easily.

Has anyone considered moving the spare tire to the roof (I have a Baja rack) and putting fuel cans on the rear?

I don't know about you, but I would have a hard time getting my spare tire up and down from there... not to mention the huge center of gravity shift that would cause. 




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