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So from what I have gathered I can run extended travel coilovers with aftermarket upper control arms. And the difference between an actual lt kit and this is very mInimal.. Any one know anything about this???

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 I run Fox coilovers with extended travel and Total Chaos U.C.A.s   They have 1 3/4" more travel (9.75 over 8') The difference is hella noticable.

Max travel on the long travel kits is 11-13"?

Well actual travel is less than wat is mentioned. Think imma save my money an run extended travel w/ uca and mt lt rear

I've got ICON extending travel with TC UCA's.

From what Ive seen I could buy my 6" lift for what they want for an extended front set up. Just my op I may be over looking someone with a cheaper set up


6" lifts are terrible for wheeling. Plus you can't mount skid plates to the frame.

amen to that lol

totally agreed 

Straight axle is the best way to go lol Its what I'm planning on doing

Icon told me that STD vs EXT is one inch at the wheel.

I'm using Icon extended travels with Total Chaos too

I run the same.

Are you still running the sway bar?




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