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Me and my brother got bored so we went out wheeling at Eagle Lakes/ Fordyce OHV Trail. Got to the the first water crossing and turned around, good times.

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Way to go team Cha Cha Cha! Nice job on driveline hill.

Looks like you guys a good time!  I've never been there, why did you guys have to stop at the first water crossing?

Too deep and way to fast to cross with 33" tires. Guys with 40" tire were having issues. Plus any farther in and you start getting into really technical and rough rock crawling.

Interesting!  Either way, sounds like a fun trail.  Maybe next time you head over there, let us know, I'd love to get out there with a group.

If we stay away from Fordyce the trail would be suitable for all. I would not recommend going into Fordyce to the water crossing with those without skids, a lift and 33" tires.

I don't have skids, but i'm lifted on 33's.  Maybe I could try my luck!


great pics looks like fun i dig granite

Great pics! Thanks for posting.




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