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embedding images into discussions and discussion replies is very simple and generates more attention than attaching image files. below please find a few steps to assist you in embedding images into discussions.

please keep in mind that embedding large images could lengthen download times, so images should be optimized or scaled down accordingly. please feel free to ask any questions in this discussion or via PM.

How to embed images into your discussion:

How to embed an image into your reply:

Have fun!

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This is good help...
Rise ancient thread rise, mwahahaha!
Ok, can't figure out how to embed photos from desktop or mobile optimized views from my phone. I can do the above procedure from a computer no problem, [insert photo] option is not visible via phone. [upload files] in desktop view doesn't work either. Any ideas?
are you using iOS? if so, that may be the issue. that being said, we'll be migrating to a different platform in the coming months and iOS users will have full functionality of the site.
Hey Steve,
I'm running Android 4.0.4 on Motorola Droid Bionic.
Any Android users able to load images?
I'm not seeing this screen now (and those options). I'm using IE 8 and Firefox 17.0.6 and Jave 7 update 21




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