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Please post pictures of your Demello or Metal Tech Bumpers..I'm interested in these 2 brands but I don't know whichone to go with...I'm tired of looking at the same pics on google...Just need some ideas..Thanks

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nice! looks mean!

Keep in mind that I have a 1.5" body lift.  Since it's open, easy to spray wash clean.

love this look..

DO aluminum

nice and clean! does that rear bumper come with the rear lights?

Thanks! Had to purchase lights separately.

I know it's not what you asked for but Expedition One might be worth a look.

nice!...I've been looking at that one also especially the rear bumper with the swing out tire carrier...I think I might of see your ride in SF like 2 months ago at 10th ave in san looks just like it...a month later I ended up buying a army green fj 2014 lol..

Wasn't me, haven't had this in the city in some time. I try to avoid it lol.

I looked at a few other bumpers, but in my opinion the ones from Expo One hold the lines of the FJ the best, just looks like they belong there. They fit like a glove too.

Mine is an '11

I have the metal-tech front tube and rear swing out... I dont have any good pics with me but if youre from sac, I am most likely going to swing by the meet up this saturday. 




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