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I got my new rearend in.  Currie F9 housing, 35 spline axles, and Currie Ford 9 inch third member.  Now I just need to install it and have a new drive shaft made.

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Preddy cool Mike. What the gear ratio?

The gear ratio is 4:56. 

That's Bad Ass, talk about a bullet proof rearend. Are you going to do something similar up front? When you do this do you have to match gear ratios with the front gears? Are you painting it or having it powder coated? Inquiring minds want to know.

I'm not changing the front end.  I have Total Chaos long travel suspension up front, and there is no need to change the front.  I bent my stock rear housing, so I needed something stronger in the rear. 

What engine swap are you planning?

Steve Hope

No engine swap.  The 4.0 V6 engine is a great engine.  Given the limited amount of suspension travel for the FJC, the engine has more power than needed.

usually the Ford 9inch rear-end is the go-to diff for hot-rodders because it takes the horsepower better than a 10 bolt GM corporate. Also GM diffs have C-locks that can break.

Wondering why you went the Currie Ford 9 inch route with a stock 260 hp engine? The toyota factory 8 inch comes with diff lock in most versions and I think its pretty reliable behind a little 260 hp stocker.

Just curious,

Steve Hope.

I desert race trucks, and the majority of desert racers go with the Ford 9 inch for it's durability.  The stock differential was fine, but the housing is not strong for all the desert running I'm doing.  I bent the stock housing, so I needed to upgrade it.  Our race truck is sponsored by Currie, so I went with the F9 housing, which is extremely strong. 

now I get it , your racing the truck.

Interesting article in this months  Petersens 4wheel and off-road mag . Article on fabricated 9 inch Ford rear ends from Currie, Camburg, Cone, Dirt Tech, Diamond, Spidertrax and Ruff Stuff 10.5 inch Tundra rear ends. Good read. 

Please post some racing pics,

Steve Hope.

Began my install.  The axle pic show the new axle on the left, comapred to the stock axle.

Thats a "tough-as-nails" set-up, what are you suspending it with?

Steve Hope.

I have the 2.5 inch Icon shocks with the piggy back reservoir.  They use the stock mounting locations.  Currie is able to mount the brackets for the stock set up (pan hard, upper links, and lower links, as well as shock mounts).  Because my stock housing was bent I needed something ready to go.  eventually I'll switch out the housing, same housing, but without the stock mounting brackets.  I'll go with the F9 housing  with the gussett, and go with a 3 link and coilovers into the rear cargo area.




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