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hey planning out the trail runs for 2012, i'm thinking about running a new kind of trail run. in recent years, our number of creative photographers has grown and i'm thinking it is about time to create a photography mini-expedition.

ideally, it would be a multi-day run and may eventually be linked into the High Sierra Run, but for the time being, i'm thinking an extended weekend (e.g. Thursday-Sunday) soon after the passes open in the late spring/early summer.

this run will be well-suited for creative photographers, meaning there will be no sense of urgency running through the trails. in fact, sunrise and sunset runs will be more common. also, this will most likely be a non-base camp style run...more in line with an expedition.

if you are interested, post up here and/or PM me. no date will be set as of yet due to the fact that the date the passes open depends on snow melt. that being said, it will most likely be the second weekend after the passes open.

styles of photography can range from landscape, nocturnal, time-lapse, photo-journalistic (photo blog of the trail run), etc. types of cameras can range from DSLR/SLR, medium format, and large format...if anyone has the latter, that would be fantastic!

we would arrange in advance the various styles of photographs we'd like to capture, so we can plot out stops and scouting runs. please let me know if you'd be interested.

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Where are the Oregon Dunes? The ones I've found are about 9-10 hours of driving from the Bay Area, correct?

Paul and I drove past the area on our way home from Canada this past winter (oh wait, it's still winter).  The area puts Oceano to shame.  The dunes are HUGE!!!  It is definitely an area I want to explore in the summer.

Mh interesting... but where did you go to Canada?

Bay to Crater Lake to Vancouver back home via the coast.

real reason being that i'm not sure i can take time off before then. would love to head up to Oregon at some point, just can't do it right with only four days or so. anyone else interested is more than welcome to plan a separate trip though! the more the merrier i say.

the oregon dunes are on my bucket-list....they are so big they even have fresh water lakes in them.....

Are they bigger than Eureka dunes?

not sure about that without looking at maps but from the website it says the oregon dunes national recreation area is 32,186 acres of dunes, forest, streams, and lakes...




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