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So I used my CRAWL control last weekend... And it sounded funny to me.. Lots of tinging sounds. I know it was only in 2 years of cruisers, but does anyone have experience with using there's?

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My FJ did not have the CRAWL feature, but if it is anything like ATRAC, it is noisy when operating.

I don't have an auto, but I've heard it makes all kind of crazy sounds.

Ya, I posted on the and I got the same info.. Kinda springy sounding....

That's the computer controlled abs working to stop a spinning front tire. Its how ATRAC Mimmicks a locked diff. It senses wheel spin, which is what happens in an open diff, and uses the abs computer to slow the spinning wheel so that power can be sent to that wheel. I think Toyota did a great job with their ATRAC system,it works well when needed and is a lot cheaper and lighter than a live front axle; don't worry about the noise, it means its working properly. You may be able to duplicate the noise the  next time you are on a wet pavement ( in a clear lot somewhere) and deliberately lock em up. You will hear the abs working to stop you locking em up, same sound.



It is noisy as all hell. Sounds like it is going to fall apart MUCH louder and worse than i have ever herd from the Atrac. But all is normal




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