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Hey guys,

I am thinking about getting the TRD Cold Air Intake (only because it is 50 states certified for Smog).

For those of you who have a CAI, is it worth $400? BZ told me he likes the throttle response and it makes the FJ sound a little better and doesn't really affect MPG all that much... just wanted to get a little more feedback before deciding to purchase or not.


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It does sound a little bit better, but I had already installed a Borla muffler and All-Pro tailpipe so I couldn't really tell. Yeah, it doesn't really gain any MPG, but I like how it looks. There's a soft whispering noise, but barely audible. Not bad for a $400 install.

Not meaning to be a smartass (really)..... but $400 for something that looks nice *under the hood*, and makes a soft whispering noise??? I can think of many other things to spend $400 on.

Does it really improve throttle response, or is it one of those psychological things ... "You know, I think it *does* feel a bit more responsive ..... maybe ........"

For my setup, I noticed a gain in 0.5-1 mpg, but that was based on my ScanGuage II. I know it's not the most accurate thing. Other than that, I can't really see or feel any improvements. I noticed a slight improvement on the throttle, but it could just be psychological. I agree, $400 is a bit steep.

I would spend that 400 two cents.get a snorkel if thats your forte. Or a uca, led bar, cb, etc etc etc

Throttle response on my 2010 model is pretty terrible due to the drive by wire, so I wouldn't get a CAI for that. I would rather spend 400 on an exhaust if all i wanted was better sound. But thats for me... 

I already have all the other mods I want.

I'm looking more for throttle response, not sound... sound would just be a perk.

Then I say go for it!

You probably want a Sprint booster then. There's nothing wrong with the stock intake, the TRD is just an expensive noise maker. By the way, if you aren't already run premium fuel. There is a noticeable difference when compared to running regular mud.

I've read so many conflicting things about running premium and my personal experience didn't show any improvement or even feeling. I have a 2010 model if that makes any difference. 

I agree there certainly is a lot of bad information out there regarding fuel choice from all the internet engineers and wikipedia PHDs. Fact is that you're not getting the advertised HP or economy numbers without running premium. The earlier FJs run like crap on under anything under 90ron. (OP's profile states he has an 07) You wont notice an immediate difference if you just fill up on premium after running regular. The ECM has to re-learn how much timing advance it can run first. The best way would be to reset the ECM(pulling the fuse for 10mins) after filling up. It's science not blinker fluid.

You really mean RON, or the number on the pump (AKI)? Wikipedia (which never lies) shows typical US "regular" (87) having a RON of 91-92, and premium having RON of 97.

Sorry not sure why I wrote RON, lets just call er 90 octane :) 




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