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We have the best members in this forum. None of these PC Rambos, no plasti-dip, "no you're wrong because the forum says so", no repetitive crap. There is a good chance that we'll run into somebody here in person and possibly do an event. It's just so much smoother than all the rest of the groups out there.

Being a Ham operator and CB'er, but mostly a DX'er I have even sent a few decals that I got from Potatomutato in the past and have sent them around the world to other FJ owners along with their QSL cards. So NorCal FJs are represented around the world. I'll have to see if I can get some pictures from abroad and post them.

Just wanted to thank the group for be civilized


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Come join us on the trails starting this spring for LCT and sooner for snow dates on MET. Look for the events page.

Steve Hope

I would really have to agree with you! Fj'ers seem to be the most open and straightforward with their response. Huge Thank you to all the members that keep this a friendly environment for everyone! Also, let's see some of the pictures from FJ's abroad.

Even in other FJ forums there can be some attitudes, but I have yet to see them in here. NorCal is the best of the best.

Prime example... Stuck my head in "the blue room'




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