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Ever been online at the same time as someone you knew that held the answer to your mod question? Ever see a pal online and wanted to ask him/her a question, but had to send a message only to find out that by the time you hit "send" he/she was already offline?

Well fret no more. NorCal FJ Chat has been enabled! You can find the chat box at the bottom of the right hand column. Enjoy!

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Seems like the Chat feature has gotten a lot of traction recently. With that, here are a few reminders:

* You can run Private Chat simultaneously with Group Chat in case you wanted to take a chat offline.
* Please remember to hit the "Clear Messages" link at the bottom of the Chat window if you are the last one leaving the chat room. If you don't clear the messages, they will remain viewable after you have logged off. So please remember to clean the room, new guests are always arriving.
* As a courtesy to the membership, please refrain from using profanity. At the very least, please use an asterisk to replace vowels or misspell the word.

Thanks and chat away!




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