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Wanted to buy the CB antenna mounting hardware and I heard from somebody at the install event yesterday that I could buy from this forum or we have a rep from boztec in this forum.  Pls ping me.

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Bozly and/or Toe4x4 can get you hooked up with the above mount.

Thanks Lance!

I'm thinking of buying Midland 75-822. Any comments/thoughts? Also any recommendation/guidance regarding the antenna and the cable(Length of cable etc)?

depends on where you want to mount the CB, 18 feet is the norm

I have the predecessor to that model when it was still made for radio shack TRC-232


It has held up great for 15 years and I still use it as my primary CB today.  As for the cable and such I am a noob and would not feel comfortable steering you one way or another.  I am still working on getting mine set up as well.

Go to firestik for the antenna and cable.  I got my cable at 4wheel parts.
I am using the same model, no problems so far. I am just using it as a hand held.

Hey Raptor

Sorry I missed your call on Sunday.

Get a hold of me or TOE 4x4 and we'll set you up with a mount.

For what it's worth I installed this setup in a couple of hours - it was quite simple, looks great and seems to work well.


the only issue you have with that mount is that it rusts out keep an eye on it. A number of members here have changed out from that mount to the Boztec mount which is made from stainless steel.




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