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I need a car cover for the FJ. Anyone on here know of a good cover that'll fit an FJ with a 3" lift and and Baja rack flat rack? If it could be bought locally in the Bay Area that would be best

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Depending on your budget and needs, you can get a custom one here.  I haven't used them, although I should have.  I have friends with classic cars, and they have used them and have been happy with them.

If you have a special rack or lights, they can take the measurements and make it work for you.

 Try covercraft. 

I ended up just going super cheap on it and bought the biggest blue tarp harbor freight had. It just about completely covers it up even with the RTT on top

Nice! What does it look like?

Like crap of course lol na. I don't have any photos but you can imagine a blue tarp covering a car with ratchet starch and line used to tie it up. Hopefully shouldn't have to be using it anytime soon

Lol. I can imagine it. Hope you'll buy the real deal soon. 




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