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Where is the closest place to Livermore to get one? A lot of people are using the sequoia page here: but is is outdated (2011). I don't want to drive 3 hours to get one, and all the websites are confusing as hell.



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Print this, fill it out, keep it with you and go:

40, that says it expired Dec 2011. Are we saying just wing it? :)

It's directly from their site. You can try downloading closer to your use but no ranger is going to site you for having it. All they care about is that you sign it, date it and follow the rules on the permit.

check out the National Forest Information page. there, you'll be able to download a permit, complete it and fax it in to any of the forest service offices. they will then fax back a signed copy, if i remember correctly.

I can't find a fax number anywhere?

Now do I also need this:

You don't need it. But it could save you money if you're going several times during the year.

If I'm going to camp at say, Barney Riley, where do I pay, or do I even pay anything? (If I don't get the annual)

BR is not a park. No payment.

Got it. So only for designated park areas, not BR or Estys Sierra trip. 

Thanks for all the help. My family weren't campers if you can tell. lol

Esty's High Sierra trip, yes. best thing to do if you're not sure is give the agency (e.g. forest service, national park, BLM) a call. do also keep in mind that fire restrictions can change within  hours, so it's always best to call the local agency in advance of any trip. there have been severe cases in which driving on trails was even prohibited and campfires not allowed in camp even with a permit.

best advice: when in doubt, just call. do not take chances. you can get their fax number when you call too. ;-)

You can get your fire permit online at

You answer five questions and print it out.  Good luck.




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