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At 90,500 miles and need to replace all my brakes. Any one interested in helping will get paid.I think my calipers are fine and my rotors look smooth. I think just a pad replacement. Anyone?

12-4-21 Thanks guys.

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Hi Steve. I forget where you live but you might consider contacting Nestor in Vallejo.

Emailed Nestor, awaiting a reply, thx. And btw, I am in Sacramento.

Cool.  Let me know what transpires. I might like to observe and or have a beer.

Saw your post too late. Nestor came by today and did a terrific job, as usual. I do have a comprehensive parts list from Roseville Toyota if you are interested and the shipping was free and only took 3 days to get to me.

Sure, send me a link or phone no.

Here is a pic of packing slip with part numbers and quantities. You have to order online to get free shipping. Roseville Toyota. Should add, for rotors you need to say x2 per axle but for all other brake parts they are 1 pack per axle. Need to add VIN also. No core charge on rotors, I asked and they said throw them out or take to a local dealer and ask them to add to their recycling trash.





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