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I am trying to perk some interest to get John from Boztec's to make another run of his mythical rear diff armor. If you have some interest please chime in. I started a thread on the FJCruiser Forums also:

Trying to get some more info from him to see what kind of quantity it would take and the pricing for a group buy.

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I would say you are looking at the right product. There are various rear diff guards/skids out there, RCI, Bud Built etc, but I bought a Boztec in 2012 when I got my 2012 TTSE FJ and after scraping that diff on rocks, this was one of my first upgrades. Never looked back, I have dragged that skid over rocks a few times and it holds up and saves my diff every time. Great product.I painted it black and have not touched it up because in Ca it doesn't rain much and I have no rust on it. The skid has great drain holes for water/mud/snow and I can jack up the back of my FJ with that skid!! Talk about "fitness for purpose" that skid is the best.

Yes from what I've seen of Boztec's design it seems to hug as close to the rear diff as possible not sacrificing any additional clearance. Unfortunately it wasn't really worth John's time to fabricate a couple at a time. He was looking for a production run of about 100 units which was more than I could muster up in demand. I am thinking about calling BAMF up here in Vallejo to see if they could fabricate me something to fit the FJ. They work on a lot of Tacoma's and their Diff armor design is similar to Boztec's, just not as pretty :). If anyone has any recommendations, would love to hear em!

Definitely  interested




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