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Hey Everyone,

Work on my next set of mods and with some inspiration from Nestahedition I was going with an Oznium switch install that will control 2 Blue Sea Dual USB power outlets.  I have been looking and I have found a lot with a single switch to a single outlet, but nothing with one switch controlling 2 outlets.  I am not the best when it comes to electrical, but I drew up the below diagram based on my assumption of how the install should go.  Can you guys weigh in and let me know if I am on the right track?  Thank you in advance for the help.  

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The wiring diagram is ok.

One Oznium anti-vandal switch (rated at 15 amp) is OK for short distance between the 2  Dual 2.1A  USB power/charging outlets.

You need a 10A fuse  [2 x (2.1A x 2)]  for incoming power feed. Use the appropriate wire (*AWG) gauges.

Thanks Nestor for the info. I installed it all today. I will need to through a 10amp in. I went with 7.5 to start since I am currently on plugging in one thing. I went with 18 (off the Oznium, it came with it) and the rest is all 16gauge. Distance between the switch and the plug is 4" and approx 16". Thank you again for the reply.





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