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I have a black 2008 FJ and I have been thinking about blacking out the roof for a while now. I think I'm going to do it.  The question is: should I do it with paint or line-x.  Has anyone in norcal blacked out the roof?  Line-X or Paint?  Any places that you recommend to do this?


I also have a roof rack on my FJ.  And with all the threads about leaky roofs, I'm nervous that whoever does my roof will mess it up and my roof will start leak.  So, I am hoping to get some recommendations of knowledgable painters or line-x sprayers.

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post a note on jr vong's page. he is the only guy i know in NorCal that has blacked out his roof with Line-X.
Ummmmmm, what about my rig Mutato ? : ( I feel left out, check out my pics, very easy to do, I had mine Line-X'd, runs between 3-4 hundred $. I had them do just the inside border thats actually under the rack, the rest was done in the Black Diamond. I really like the looks of them all black. Shotwells in Petaluma did all my work and I would recommend them but any shop worth their salt could do it.
LOL...i forgot about your rig Jim...probably because i haven't seen you for so long! hahaha. yeah, what he said...check it!

I will take note of this as well. Thanks!

I noticed everyone has always thought about Linex or painting the roof. Has anyone thought about Rhino Lining the roof. I looked into this stuff, and found that it is just as durable as Linex, plus there are many more types including the one I may get which is solarmax. Solarmax seems sweet because you can have any color mixed in so the customizablitly is limitless. The Military even uses this stuff to protect from bomb blasts!

There is a shop in Colma, Ca called A-1 Rhino lining that will shoot the roof for $450 any color with Solarmax. Check it out:

A-1 Rhino Linings
480-A Collins Avenue
Colma, CA 94014
PH: 1-(650)-755-4637

I have no affiliation to this company nor the shop. I just wanted to let y'all know about alternatives that you may not have seen.
there are some comparison tests as far as line-x vs. rhino lining. Tha majority say line-x is better.
So I called the Santa Clara Line-X shop and they quoted me $900!!! They also recommend i get the UV line-x to avoid discloration on the black top. Without the UV protection, it is $750. That seems to be way overpriced even if it includes them removing the OEM rack. What do you think?
Santa Clara is the most expensive Line X shop. When I was shopping around to get the rocker panels line x'd for my old FJC, they were by far the most expensive. Sacramento and Auburn have shops that were hundreds less.

BTW, I say keep the white top. It's all about the FJ heritage, haha. Also keeps the interior cooler.

Oh, and look into U-Pol. Jeff @ Toy Connections had a fj40 with this stuff on the interior. He was saying it's top notch stuff you can apply yourself. Comes with spray gun applicator. I'm assuming you'll need a compressor though.

Thanks daPitbull for the list. I have also checked  the above comparison of  spray in bed liner . would you please suggest me any of the best one under $30. Thanks

Save the environment and keep it white.
Besides, people will get out of your way because they think your a police vehicle.

Why not save some $$$ and do it yourself? I've done a truck bed and a VW floorpan w/ Herculiner from Pep Boys or Kragen. Came out nice, just get some wire trim edge cutting tape.
Recommend getting the UV protection. Prevents from fading...Had mine (Line-X + UV) for 3 yrs now, no leaks with and without roof rack.. I would call around, had mine done for $650.
where did you get your line-x roof done? I'm looking to do the same myself!




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