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Installed my 5100 adjustable coilovers last week.  Daryl (DWH) graciously offered his place, tools, time and expertise in helping me get it done, Thank You!  I'm very happy with the turnout.


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Looks great man! Love mine.

Looks great!

I'm looking into getting similar setup.  Did you just get the 5100 for the front or the rear also?  What about the springs?


 When I ran my 5,100's I used the stock springs front and back.  If you or anyone else want some 2" spacers for the rear.  Let me know.

I have this set up in the front and TRD bilsteins in the back, also wondering what you went w in the rear. What springs might go well w 5100 rears w/o adding spacers?
Thanks guys!
Just replaced front shocks and used stock springs. Didn't touch rear suspension, still stock. I think Toytec makes rear springs to go with 5100s.
I have the same exact set up front 5100 is set to the 3rd notch and I have TRD bilstien w stock springs all around. My front is about 1/2 higher then the rear, yours looks perfectly level
If you guys can wait I will have 5160 andrear super flex springs for sale but if I can afford the 3 grand set up I want I will have a toytec ultimate lift for sale at a great price and at about 8k miles

Depending on the price of the Toytec Ultimate lift when you decide to list it, I'm interested.  Thanks!

Ill take the spacers, how much? Let me know




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