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Was up every one I just got back in town after a few years away. Let get a meet and greet going. Since there isso.e ew guys I haven't met yet. By the way here is my fj

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Wow.  Nice picture.  Where is that?


Hey Uly, how are you?  You on vacay or back to stay?


I am back to stay!!! Let's get something going!!!! Some wheeling and some meet and greets.
Should have told me sooner, I would have had you bring me my sliders from metaltech. Also just went to Slick Rock this past Saturday, didn't take my 80 but took video and pictures. Nice picture, putting those bud built to work. Messaged you my number.
Your rear susp, is that metal tech long travel?

Welcome back! Let's hit the trails soon!

Yes metal tech lo g travel and yes Scott let's hit some trails.

Welcome back!

its a shame that im moving out of the country for a little while. Im leaving on friday.

Welcome back bud. Let's get an install day/meet/wheeling event going soon it's been too long

Set it up max!!!!




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