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I just installed my CB radio and antenna and was wondering if anyone has a SWR Meter I could borrow?

I know they are fairly cheap on amazon, but if someone nearby has one and is willing to let me borrow it, that would be great... 


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I have one in Clovis, but won't be home for a couple more weeks.
I have one. I live in Galt but work in elk grove. Let me know when you want it.

I have one in Placerville.

Tran I also have one in Sacramento,

Steve Hope

oo nice, if we ever have another meetup ill just ask to use it then or something. 

Thanks everyone! 

I have a small one you can have or we can put it on a professional type antenna analyzer if you're ever around Richmond.

wow thanks everyone! 

Best community ever..

This bunch is by far the best here. No egos, no pc rambos, just common likes and interest.




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